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Stress and Recovery Coaching

Understanding Stress and Recovery:

At its core, stress disrupts homeostasis—a state of dynamic equilibrium essential for overall well-being. Picture homeostasis as your body's "comfort zone," where it strives to maintain stability amidst constant change (like balancing body temperature or fluid levels). When stressors accumulate, they contribute to what's known as the allostatic load—a measure of the wear and tear on the body due to prolonged stress responses.

The Stress Response:

When stressors overwhelm, our bodies trigger a stress response aimed at restoring balance. This could involve sweating to cool down or feeling thirsty to replenish lost fluids. However, cumulative stress—whether from physical exertion, mental strain, emotional turmoil, or environmental factors—can escalate, impacting overall health.

The 3R Plan: Rest, Recovery, Resilience

Rest is crucial for replenishing energy reserves, often through sleep or moments of stillness. Recovery involves regaining balance across physical, mental, emotional, and social dimensions, repairing and replenishing what stress depletes. Resilience empowers us to bounce back stronger from setbacks, fostering growth and adaptation.


How It Works: Integrating Breathwork and Recovery Strategies

At the heart of my approach is breathwork—a transformative practice that serves as a gateway to understanding and regulating the nervous system. By mastering the language of the nervous system through breathwork techniques, clients cultivate profound self-awareness and resilience.

Physical Recovery: I prioritize nutrition tailored for recovery, ensuring adequate energy intake and essential nutrients. Varied movement patterns promote physical adaptation and functional fitness, complemented by prioritizing quality sleep to restore and regenerate the body.

Mental Well-being: My method emphasizes "deep work" interspersed with periods of mental recovery. This includes engaging in creative endeavors, problem-solving tasks, and building cognitive resilience. Through these practices, clients enhance mental agility and emotional regulation, crucial for navigating life's challenges effectively.

Emotional Balance: Central to my approach is the cultivation of emotional intelligence. Clients learn to recognize, express, and manage emotions effectively. Strategies include mindfulness practices, purposefully invoking positive emotions, and creating space for emotional processing and healing.

Existential Exploration: Exploring existential dimensions involves engaging in meaningful activities and introspective practices. Clients discover purpose through service-oriented pursuits, introspection, and aligning personal values with daily actions, fostering a sense of fulfillment and clarity.

Social Connection: Building supportive relationships is integral to resilience. I focus on healthy communication, conflict resolution skills, and fostering inclusive communities. Clients learn to navigate relational dynamics with empathy and assertiveness, promoting emotional safety and belonging.

Environmental Support: Creating conducive environments for recovery is essential. This includes optimizing physical spaces for relaxation and eliminating distractions. Access to healthcare services and resources further supports holistic well-being, ensuring comprehensive support for my clients.

The Stress and Recovery Program is for:

  • Individuals Experiencing Overwhelm: Whether from work, personal life, or other stressors, this program provides tools to navigate and reduce overwhelming feelings.

  • Those Struggling with Sleep Issues: If you find it difficult to unwind and sleep peacefully, the program offers strategies to improve sleep quality and establish restful routines.

  • People Having Trouble Slowing Down: For individuals who feel constantly rushed or find it hard to relax, the program teaches techniques to promote relaxation and mindfulness.

  • Anyone Seeking Emotional Balance: Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, or emotional volatility, the program supports emotional regulation and resilience.

  • Individuals Interested in Holistic Health: If you're looking to enhance overall well-being across physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental dimensions, this program provides a holistic approach to health.

  • Those Wanting to Rewire Their Nervous System: If you're interested in using breathwork to rewire your stress response and enhance self-regulation, this program offers practical tools and techniques.

  • Clients Open to Personalized Guidance: With a focus on intuitive coaching and personalized strategies based on body wisdom, the program caters to individuals seeking tailored support.

Jay Thompson

"Being coached by Matt blew my mind. I thought I had a clear plan of what I needed to discuss, only to discover after a series of very pointed questions that I was focusing on activities and beliefs that were not right for me. 

When I had the discovery call with Matt I remember him saying something like the reason you think you are here, might not be the real reason that you are here... time and time again he helped me to see I was playing small, following a path I didn't truly want to be on.

Matt helped me develop a plan of action that excites me and he is there every step of the way to nurture and guide me through the process. If you are looking for genuine support and guidance, book a call with him."

Jackie Mason

"Where do I even begin?! Working with Matt has been an absolute game-changer for me! Let me tell you, when I first started, I was in such a rut—totally exhausted, stressed to the max, and drowning in anxiety and depression. It was like I was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. But boy, oh boy, did things take a 180-degree turn!


Fast forward and I am a brand new person, bursting with energy and enthusiasm! I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to Matt for helping me transform my life. Now, I'm not only the best version of myself for my incredible daughters and my loving husband, but I'm also a powerhouse of positivity and self-care."

Hannah Dupler

"Working with Matt Stewart has been transformative! His deep knowledge of body and mind wellness, combined with his ability to simplify complex concepts, made our sessions enlightening and enjoyable. Matt’s personalized approach and genuine care for my progress have helped me gain confidence and self-awareness. I highly recommend him to anyone seeking a passionate and knowledgeable coach. (And he's pretty funny too!)"
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