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Somatic Release Breathwork

Experience a unique approach to breathwork with the Soma+IQ™ method that integrates both sympathetic and parasympathetic stimulation in a single session, enhanced by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques. Unlike traditional methods, Somatic Release Breathwork goes beyond relaxation—it aims to release deep-seated physical and emotional tension by engaging the body's natural healing mechanisms.

Here are some key benefits of Breathwork:

  • Stress reduction and anxiety relief

  • Enhanced mental clarity and focus

  • Increased energy levels

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Boosted immune system

  • Emotional healing and release

  • Improved lung capacity and respiratory function

  • Enhanced self-awareness and mindfulness

  • Increased creativity and intuition

  • Deepened spiritual connection

  • Expanded consciousness

How It Works:

Somatic Release Breathwork unfolds in two distinct phases designed to foster deep relaxation and healing. The first phase, known as the "clearing" phase, involves deep circular breathing that draws breath down into the belly with long inhales, short exhales, and intentional breath holds. This phase aims to release tension and stagnant energy stored in the body.

Following the clearing phase, the session transitions into the "repatterning" phase. Here, breathing patterns shift to shorter inhales and longer exhales, promoting parasympathetic activation—the body's natural state of rest and digest. This phase encourages relaxation, stress reduction, and the integration of new, healthier patterns of breathing and being.

Discover Your Expression:

Beyond stress relief, Somatic Release Breathwork offers you an opportunity to express yourself fully through your breath. By navigating the pressures of stress, this practice allows for a profound release and renewal, enhancing your overall well-being and vitality.

Each session is guided by intuitive insights and years of expertise in massage therapy, ensuring a personalized journey to reconnect with your body's innate healing abilities.

Release. Restore. Reimagine. 

My approach combines therapeutic touch and intuitive guidance to facilitate a deeper connection with your body's wisdom. By addressing both physical and emotional layers simultaneously, Somatic Release Breathwork offers a holistic path to self-discovery and healing. Discover the transformative power of integrating bodywork expertise with breathwork for lasting relaxation and vitality.

It is important to be aware of the contraindications of Breathwork to ensure your safety and well-being:

  • Pregnancy: Breathwork should be avoided during pregnancy, as it can potentially affect blood flow and oxygen levels.

  • Cardiovascular conditions: Individuals with heart-related conditions should consult their healthcare provider before engaging in Breathwork.

  • Epilepsy or history of seizures: Breathwork can sometimes induce altered states of consciousness, which may trigger seizures in susceptible individuals.

  • Recent surgery or injuries: It is advisable to wait until you have fully recovered from any surgeries or injuries before participating in Breathwork sessions.

  • Severe psychiatric conditions: If you have a history of severe mental health conditions or are currently experiencing acute symptoms, it is essential to consult with a mental health professional before engaging in Breathwork.


Chris McCarthy

"My Somatic breathwork session with Matt was amazing! Matt did an awesome job walking me through how the breathwork session would occur and gave me reminders of things to watch out for which put my mind at ease during the session. 


The breathwork was intense but truly placed me in a state of mental awareness and clarity I have never experienced before. I came face to face with some serious inner trauma and was able to let go of so much pain in the process. I left the session feeling ready to take on this next chapter of my life and as if a large weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I highly recommend Matt for this somatic breathwork experience and also as a Coach!" 

Brooke Barlow

"My breathwork session with Matt was nothing short of extraordinary. His expertise and skill are truly remarkable, creating an atmosphere that feels profoundly safe and calming. Matt's intuition is incredibly attuned; it's as if he knew exactly what I needed to hear, guiding me through the session with precision and care. 


Under his guidance, I experienced a profound release of stagnant energy, reconnecting with my body in ways I hadn't thought possible. The journey through the breathwork was transformative, exceeding all my expectations and leaving me with a profound sense of gratitude. Matt's passion for his craft shines through in every moment, and I couldn't be more thankful for the incredible experience he provided. Without hesitation, I would wholeheartedly recommend Matt to anyone seeking a transformative and deeply enriching breathwork experience." 

Dawn Marie

"Working with Matt through breathwork has been an incredible journey of self-discovery and healing. His skill and intuition created a space where I felt completely safe and supported to be open and vulnerable."
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