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Upcoming Workshops 

Pressure to Purpose Flyer.png
Pressure to Purpose

Where: Purple Sun + Moon Yoga, Beverly MA

When: 3:00-4:30 pm Sunday, September 15th 2024

Register: HERE

Your nervous system acts as your body's surveillance system, constantly monitoring for potential threats. When it's on high alert, whether due to high stress or unresolved trauma, it starts to perceive everything as a danger. Your breath is one of the most powerful tools to communicate with and re-educate your nervous system and body.

In the Pressure to Purpose workshop, you will use Somatic Release Breathwork to tap into your "fight or flight" response and release trapped nervous system energy. You will also activate your "rest and digest" response, creating a state where your body and mind are more open to possibility and positivity. This breathwork experience is profoundly transformative, guiding you from a state of pressure to a purposeful and empowered existence.

Warrior Brotherhood Men's Retreat

Where: West Dennis, Cape Cod

When: October 18th-20th 2024

Register: HERE


This retreat isn't just about relaxation; it's about unleashing your Inner Warrior in the company of kindred spirits. Leave judgment and ridicule at the door and step into an immersive experience where expressing yourself freely is the norm.

This weekend retreat will offer you a Transformative Training from the Warrior Brotherhood: Forging Your Path to Greatness

Neither Coaching nor Therapy – It’s Training on How to Become a Warrior!

In the Warrior Brotherhood, we offer more than just coaching or therapy. Our unique approach merges these methods into a comprehensive training program designed for those who seek to elevate every aspect of their lives. Unlike traditional coaching, which may focus primarily on goal-setting and accountability, or therapy, which often deals with emotional healing and mental health, our program provides you with practical tools, strategies, and practices to build a disciplined, resilient, and purposeful life. We emphasize the development of the mind, body, and spirit to help you realize your full potential and achieve lasting personal growth.


Our Comprehensive Warrior Retreat Training Helps You:

  • Heal from past experiences and strong emotions to move forward with a clear mind.

  • Evolve from merely surviving to truly thriving by embracing challenges and pursuing excellence.

  • Gain clarity and understanding to navigate life’s complexities with wisdom and insight.

  • Overcome obstacles and create actionable steps towards your goals.

  • Design and live a fulfilling life aligned with your deepest values and aspirations.

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